SOFT is for launching tokens

Sales, Airdrops, Vesting

Use SOFT to launch your token on any EVM-compatible chain. Fundraise and distribute your tokens to hundreds of thousands of users on-chain. Compatible with both private and public events.

Deployed on:

Integrate anywhere, launch everywhere

Use SOFT smart contracts to process hundreds of thousands of investors on-chain, from anywhere in the world.

Peer to Peer

All smart contract interactions are peer to peer between the token issuer and the community.


All interactions are on-chain and fully auditable by your community or any third-party.


Fundraise from investors with customizable investor and contribution caps.


Soft smart contracts have been used to fundraise and distribute tokens to hundreds of thousands of investors.


Soft smart contracts enable lock ups, cliffs and linear vesting. Enable vesting based on time or a price-oracle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask softly, launch smart.

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