Rebel Reasonably. Trust Code. Build. Do It Right.
Soft DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with the mission of supporting the development of high-integrity protocols.  What values do we believe defines a high integrity protocol?

Trust Code

Crypto exists to build more trustworthy assets, networks, and rules through impartial code. Therefore, Soft DAO supports projects that prefer trusting code over vulnerable and subjective processes. As Nick Szabo says, “trusted third parties are security holes.”


Web3 will win. Finance is moving on-chain. Soft DAO helps make that happen, not by speculating or over-financializing, but by building and supporting builders. No suits or moonboys.

Do It Right

Community and fairness first for the long term. Play positive-sum games that can last for years and brighten the future. Soft DAO will go further toward our mission together.

Rebel Reasonably

Legacy systems are often deeply flawed. Soft DAO wants to replace them with fair and open crypto; while also recognizing legacy guardrails often exist for good reasons. As reasonable rebels we understand that high ethical standards help regulators see the immense benefits of blockchain and cryptography.

Our Treasury
Token Initial Distribution

Soft DAO has recently voted to accept $SOFT as it’s governance token. More information on treasury holdings, token distribution and token utility will be released soon.

For now, more information can be found below.

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Our Relationships

Core Teams

We maintain our products and protocols through the usage of designated DAO Core Teams. Such teams include Tokensoft, who act as a Core Team for various purposes such as compliance, fundraising, distributions, community engagement and development of smart contracts. These teams are approved following Multi-Sig votes on their proposals.

Commercial Partnerships

In order to achieve Soft DAO's goals of Web3 dominating the web, it is required to form partnerships with likeminded projects and protocols. If you or a project you know are interested in partnering with us, draft a proposal on the governance forum or get in contact with us in our Discord.

Multi-Sig Signers

Upon the Soft DAO's conception, 12 randomly selected participants were selected from the governance forum after declaring their interest in helping the DAO. These 12 selected Multi-Sig signers have carried the DAO to where it is currently, and will lead us to our next-generation community governance.

Our Partnerships

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