Our Partners

Core Teams

Our Core Teams are the primary drivers of Soft DAO’s progress. These are the people who build, grow and implement Soft DAO’s future as determined by the community. Core Teams are established via forum proposals, where deliverables are outlined in the initial agreement. In turn, the DAO will assist these Core Teams with funding, guidance, endorsements and access to discussion areas.

Tokensoft - DAO Setup, Compliance, Fundraising, Distributions, Community Engagement, Development of Smart Contracts

Tokensoft submitted a proposal on September 12, 2022 to become the Core Team to lead Soft DAO through DAO formation. They were approved and have been leading the DAO through instantiation.

Following the Request for Proposals for the Soft DAO website, a Core Team to maintain the website will be established.

Commercial Partnerships

Our partners are an integral building block of Soft DAO. They help us achieve our goals and support Core Team needs to continue Soft DAO’s mission.

Tokensoft is Soft DAO’s first and most important partner. Through applying and being approved, Tokensoft has guided Soft DAO to where it is today.

Multi-Sig Signers

Multi-Sig Signers are the people who bring life to Soft DAO. Their votes directly influence the future path of the DAO. In time they will be replaced with community governance in order to diversify Soft DAO’s voice.


- 0x4408127D1F216594078553562dDA66844fb22923
Dmitry - 0xaAE4B976655579361C899eb79a6dD5a0d3C3FA2e
Colin - 0x8Ef43179eA4D257E6C748189b42B189C45471055
Zeldris - 0x57AD77cD24b5B300eC7Dec330c61BdA2800870e4
Fid - 0x7f3DB8af806315531d7C14B35f4af1DF78F887E0
Artem - 0x491C6b8830dBD3663A28A3Fda42494Ad49bb4ECa
Eddy - 0x35976F99eC647f863EF1795e5eE145439d796cB7
Dwrz - 0x47D794e5F534f8442030f4F4C7513c9CE144B4aE
OhooEno - 0xD95e1A8c7cdf0947032f4E9B7477191F004ab7Eb
Chicken - 0x5a0dC15c9EceCeded97c7B1121461EDc623a0349
Barbzilla - 0x3f4905b73d9176774ef1fE702EDC98D62a953E9d
Steph - 0xE049bD3BCe9Db6fe1CB8eC95CaEB73e69Ed6d443